Sports Programmes

We have made our program unique and diverse. You will be challenged, encouraged and inspired to be the best in your sport. 

Your character and skills will be developed to its greatest potential. With coaches and industry experts to guide in your in your journey. They are passionate about what they do. 


have available to you approximately 3+ hours per day of sports training. Motor Learning Science and technology is involved in all the sports development. The preparation is just as important as the performance. You will learn your sports history and current and forward predicted trends so you are ready to grow long term in your sport.  And you will have the opportunity to meet those who are leaders and visionaries in the sports industry.


Note: Sports options need to meet minimum enrollments in order to run. Students can join in a 2nd or 3rd choice sports option until their 1st choice sport is launched or remain on the waiting list until their sports option is launched. Tuition Fees, Incidental Costs, Training Costs can be inquired about by sending us an email and your expression of interest into which program. Send email to

Registration Open for:

Table Tennis

Circus Arts



Sports Journalism

Sports Broadcasting

Sports Management


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We offer

• Athletics

• Track 'n Field • Karate 

• Table Tennis

• Alpine Skiing 

• Kayaking

• Volleyball

• Badminton

• Motocross

• Basketball

• Rowing


• Snowboarding

• Canoe Sprint 

• Skateboarding

• Circus Arts

• Ski Cross

• Cross Country Skiing

• Surfing

• Golf

• rugby

• Swimming