OUR philosophy

United World Sports Academy strives to transform students through sports, academics and leadership training to create in them the opportunities to develop a legacy to become effective global citizens whose contributions make a positive impact on the world. 

United World Sports Academy (UWSA) was founded in 2017 and is positioned to be a sports leader in developing advanced athletes. UWSA is a subsidiary of Sports Education Trust Limited. In addition to having a 21st-century athletic program which allows students to train in badminton, BMX, circus arts, golf, skateboarding, table tennis and volleyball we are the first academy to develop a sports journalism, broadcasting and sports management programmes for youth in New Zealand. Students will be on the forefront of the sports world by publishing a sports magazine, develop and produce sports TV programming and develop and manage exciting sporting events. Our students will do more than learning about it... they DO IT!


Students will enjoy a good blend of core intermediate and secondary required course curriculum along with electives they choose. Students will spend half of the school day in their academics and then half a day with coaches, personal trainers and others supporting their development as advanced performers in their sport.


Sports Journalism, Sports Broadcasting and Sports Management students will be working on their projects and learning interview skills, public speaking, production, writing, editing, negotiations, budget management, meeting deadlines, conducting interviews with youth, coaches and leaders in sports. There will rarely be a dull moment.


Students who graduate from UWSA  will obtain real-world experience along with a list of accomplishments to add to their CV which will position them as leaders in their chosen fields in the sports industries and more to benefit communities in the future.


Our academy aspires to have international global appeal as we have enlisted the support of leaders from the sports, recreation, media and business industries from various locations around the world to train our students so they can receive a real-world global perspective of sports, sports training and academic learning.

"Sports don’t give you character they reveal your character.

John Wooden

UWSA Code of Conduct


UWSA embraces the John Wooden Pyramid of Success which applies Christian Principles into a Sports Model. At UWSA we embrace these and exemplify a life of honour and integrity in ALL that we do both on and off the court.


Instead of creating written rules you are asked to see how your thoughts and actions line up to the Pyramid of Success and should it conflict with it then to adjust your thinking and your actions to come into alignment with it.


coach john wooden

pyramid of success